Data Mining Services

The Analysis that we offer :
  • Helps the deeper understanding of market structure and procedures
  • Supports the development of communication strategy
  • Helps identifying the competitors and growth potentials
  • The best part is that we support all major spoken languages of the world

Organizations rely on accurate and robust information for decision-making. Insights from new data and analytics are at the heart of this decision science. Seamless access to this information enables our clients to provide a competitive edge to other organizations.

Genie provides data mining service solutions that allow companies to effectively manage complex supply chains by streamlining operations and using advanced technology to reduce costs and optimize supply chain management. The Genie Retail Data mining solution provides retailer-supplier collaboration for demand-driven supply chain and retail execution management. Genie enhances supplier performance and risk monitoring, streamlines contract management with partners and suppliers.

  • Expertise on Managing huge volumes of data with the help of In house Ocean Net application
  • Ensuring updated and error-free content
  • Lower supply chain costs
  • Account reconciliations
  • Dispatches
  • Cleansing and Validation of Data / Information
  • Data Standardization and Segmentation
  • Categorization and Classification
  • Elimination of Duplication
  • Database Integration
  • Digitization of Data
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL) Support
  • Automated Reporting